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Its fun to put on a crab feed. It seems to be really popular, especially since a lot of people dont just go out and buy crab.

Call us and we can help you plan your crab feed around any event. (916)393-4779


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ill title Welcome !

We do crab feeds - LIVE CRAB FEEDS. All our Dungeness crabs are alive when I arrive at your party site. Using an outdoor area I'll set up cookers and a processing table. FIRST, the crabs are broken in half and cleaned. Then, they are simmered in seasoned salt water. This means the body meat is pure white and sweet.

ill_1"Dungeness crab average two lbs each. We recommend 2.5 lbs per person, providing you are having bread, pasta, and salad (not included) as part of the meal.


ill title All crabs are served HOT!

The best time for crab a feed is in December, when the supply of Dungeness crab is the highest and price the lowest. By late March crab supplies are dwindling and the wholesale price is rising."


Crab, food and fun abound at each of our feeds! Crab feeds are great for family reunions, parties, fund raisers, and any social events you may be holding.

Call us and we can help you plan your crab feed.